"For many events, 80% of the consequences come from 20% of the causes."

The whole universe is connected, and it's people, events, and ideas. Sometimes we know about these relationships, but in other cases we don't know. Each cause has its own conferences or results, even if we do not see it at first sight. This is a price under causes and consequences. The general appointment in the small grades and colleges, the reason and the impact of the essay urges the writer to develop the root of an idea or problem and its width impact. This used guide will show you how easy it is to accomplish this essay

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These essays are defined as a composition in which you can examine and analyze actions, decisions, and events, their triggers, and their results. Thus, these two constructs and explations that you provide in your record should contact logic and a deep understanding of the subject

The main point of this essay is to terminate her different ophenomena related to each other. The writer's a script that causes one or more of the causes to be generated and why. The document requires a deep understanding of the subject and focusing on the ations of all "whys" and "how". Unlike the general misunderstandings, this essay does not just explain the reasons and the result, but also explains how and why it happened. Why did something happen? How did this happen?

Skills to write the cause and pay of essay

The essay of the essay has its own purpose, which is beyond the scope of the essay. Believe it or not, writing is a practical and important way to implant the various skills that you will use throughbut your life. That's why students get these appositions first. Let ' s look at the sky that you develop when working on the cause and say of the essay:

  • Writing skills-working with different assignments increases your write skills, and this is no exception
  • Organizational skills-we must be organized in all spheres of our life to do something. The reason and conferences of the essay increase your ability to organize. You organize the reason and effects in such a way as to preserve the reader's interest and average creating other confirmation on this issue. A study can identify many causes and effects. Good organizational skills are essential to properly allocate and include ideas in their essays
  • Attention to detail this essay is not just about the causes and sequences that everybody can see, it is deep and highlights some cause connections that we are not easy to laugh about. This requires attention to detail. The frequency causes and agents of essays for writing an extract this skill, and this can only be used for you, especially in the production environment
  • The aim is to report a causal link between the two ideas or associations, without adding away to interfere with the way you write. Bing impartial is a very good way to accept, since it only helps you to look more authoritative and responsible
  • No2 in the global ranking No5 in the global ranking No4 in the global ranking Number three in the global ranking

    Areas of interest

    Just like the other forms

  • Relationships and marriage
  • Health and meedicine
  • The cause and effect of the essay

    The quality of yours

  • Introductions-sets the essence of the essay, attracts the attention of the reader and creations a sound bone for the entire document. It contains reference information that introduces the topic and ends with the thesis statement
  • The causes and eurots are the central part of the essay, and you can write it in many ways. You can make the cause or eat separate or the cause links. This approach depends on how you organize the paper, as well as the causes and causes that you want to discuss
  • The conclusion would overshadow the topic and its important, sum up the causes and sequences, the distant and the calls for action, in explicit what might happen if we did not act on that issue
  • You should already know that without a good layout, creating a decent composition is showing difficult. These essays must be detailed and contact logical links between handout statements and anchor points. Now, let ' s get to the point

    1. A lot of reason, one effect

    Here you need to show how many howons (C), most unrelated, can lead to one result (E). The structure of this essay looks like this:

  • 3 #C (you can add more)
  • For example, this structure will focus on such sections as "Diarrhea" because of poor conditions, diseases and ill-prepared food. ' The Effects, on the other hand, may range from death and weight to hospitality

    2. One reason, many projects

    The second format of these essays is where you should analyze/examine one event, decision or event that led to something and their consequences. It has the following format:

  • 3 #E (you can add more)
  • Here is a good example for this case: ' Corruption is the reason for excessive borrowing by the government. The consequences of this action/decision may include wage cuts, tax urbanens, and high cost of living

    3. The chain of events

    Another cause format of the essay is where many events, decisions and actions that triggered something, and the results are also many. This may be a very interesting or difficult record, because it is highly dependent on the strong logic and knowledge of many things at the same time. In this case, the structure of your essay should look like this:

  • E#1 leads to C#2
  • E#2 leads to C#3
  • E#3 leaving to C#4 (you can add more)
  • For example, "Most accidents are caused by drunk driving." The result of drunk driving is death, and this could cause grief to the decision's relaws. Another thing is that one of the drunken drivers was finished or even armed. The third effect is that your car is written off, caused a loss of driving license

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    To discuss some issues and to mention their causes and conditions could be insurmountable. Don't drink; it's quite natural, it says that you care. However, too much stress is not good. To minimize the overhead, you need to know all the tracks and tips that simplify the recording process, and here they are:

  • Understanding the causes and conventions is not uncommon for students to mix. The reason is a catalyst or a reason why some event has consequences
  • Researchness of paper, research is essential. Use the theme from different angles, think outside of this window, and gatherer the information you will use later
  • Making meaningful references-you need to explain the Effects by creating appropriate links for reason. Their relationship must be firm and carefully thought out. Avoid discussing causes and impact that have a best notifiable link
  • Quality versus quantity-to avoid piles and effects one by one. Keep in mind that you must ensure a deeper understanding of their relationship and use the evidence to support your statements. The quality of causation is better than the quantity
  • Choose a method-you can arrange the causes and causes in chronological order based on the important or categorization of them. Choose the most logical approach
  • Smooth transit-to avoid inefficients, use related words that allow switching from one moment to another. The transient words for the reason include: because of the fact that first, because so on and so much, and so on, therefore, therefore, therefore
  • Remember that the purpose of this essay is to inform the reader about the causes and sequences of a topic, it is rarely (almost never) requesting someone to consume you to consume your point of view
  • Be objective-you can accept or not agree with anyone, such as love or hate, but you should never show it in the paper. The cause and impact of the essay should be important and objective
  • Not aggerated-a strager slow may be tempted to export action or cause, but you must avail it. To hold on to the facts
  • Evidence is not enough to write "this cause," you need proof to support whatever you write. Use of authority journals, publications and other responses sources during this process
  • The cause and effect of the essay

    Can you choose your own cause and ma essay? That's great! In many cases, instructors give students the opportunity to write essays on the bone of an object they choose. Some students spend a mew hours thinking about what they can talk about, but you don't have to

    "Good Cause" and "Effect."

    These are great ideas for you:

  • The reason for the voter apathy
  • What are the conditions of divert for children? Is there a difference in the age of the child?
  • The Effects of abortion on the relationship
  • Causes of poverty in the United States
  • The causes of homelessness and its impact on society
  • Effects of increasing obesity in the United States
  • Health stress
  • What are the conditions of violence video games for the knowledge and behavior of the child?
  • Causes of drug abuse and its consequences
  • The dropout rate from the College has never been higher: causes and Effects
  • The reason why online payments make internet users more money
  • The positive and natural impact of technology on our lives
  • Impact of feminism on marriage
  • Causes and Effects of air pollution
  • What are the conditions of coloniism for the very presentation of the United Kingdom?
  • The reason and effect is "Ideas": "Relationships and the family."

  • Which leads to people being decided by their partners
  • The consequences of living together before marriage
  • Long-term Effects of single-parent growth
  • What is the impact of family leave on family relations?
  • What are the reason for the destructive relationship between brothers and sisters?
  • Reason and say: "Ideas": "Environment"

  • What is the most danger factor that you today's climate in the world?
  • Does human natural have a positive or natural impact on the planet?
  • What is the eye of human curity about our planet?
  • What are the causes of environmental disasters?
  • What are the conditions of global warming on the planet?
  • Reason and say essay: Ideas: Social questions

  • What is the impact on the community of freedom cases of violence (be it war or violence in the streets)?
  • What is the impact of social networks on communication in real life?
  • What are the causes of poverty in the metropolis?
  • How does the pack of freedom affect society?
  • What are the consequences of living in unsatisfied housing?
  • Reason and Effect: Ideas: Technology

  • The impact of modern technical progress on children
  • What is the impact of the Internet on youth?
  • What are the implications of using modern technologies while working?
  • How does technical development affnection the state of nature?
  • What are the problems for technical progress in Japan?
  • Reason and say essay: Ideas: Education

  • What are the causes and changes of changing the main position in the Middle of the studies?
  • What makes a man a great student?
  • The causes and consequences of an exam failure
  • The reason and conferences of the rain in the examinations
  • What are the implications of students ' participation in extracurricular activities?
  • Reason and Effect: Ideas: Psychology

  • Why has depression become one of the most common diseases?
  • Why is a man in a good mood?
  • The effect of stress on students who study and work
  • Why is good mental health as important as physical well-being?
  • What are the causes and sequences of symptoms?
  • The idea of the topic: Health

  • How does human food affect his health?
  • Causes and conferences of vacations for adolescents
  • Exposure to smallpox adults
  • What are the things of longterm smoking?
  • What are the causes and sequences of insomnia on the exam week?
  • Idea of theme: Food

  • Reason of food conversion
  • Vegetarian diet
  • Why is it danger to eat in cheap food restaurants?
  • The design of genetically modified foods
  • What are the types of loss of appetite?
  • Idea of the topic: Sport

  • How does a typical workaround impanise human performance?
  • The causes and consequences of skyping physical education lessons at school
  • What are the conditions of professional sports?
  • The causes and sequences of violence in sport
  • What is the eye of examme sports?
  • Ideas of the topic: Culture

  • What is the reason for the charity of comparison movies?
  • How do you listen to your friend music?
  • Why are summer music festivals so popular young people?
  • As a free download of music influences the artist
  • What are the long-term Effects of video game addiction?
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